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I dread bedtime! It’s a battle every night. Sometimes it takes hours!

I hear you, I’ve been there and it sucks. Nothing is working and you won’t know why they won’t just go to sleep! A bedtime routine can help wind them down and signal to sleep. Consistency is key because children thrive with clear boundaries, but this is easier said than done. Most of the time you know what to do but the longer the battle continues the weaker your resolve. Having someone to check in with and give reassurance and encouragement might be all you need to see it through!

They go to sleep fine but then wake up 100 times a night, I don’t understand!

This is a really frustrating one and it’s unsustainable but luckily it’s also fixable. Waking in the night is normal and to be expected, but by helping your little one build their sleep confidence, they can learn to fall back to sleep independently. Not only does this leave you to snooze in bliss, but it encourages better quality sleep for them as they transition between sleep cycles more smoothly. How they fall asleep and how you respond in the night affects your little one’s sleep skills and you may benefit from some specific advice, but that’s what I’m here for!

My child wakes at the crack of dawn every morning and won’t go back to sleep... we’re all exhausted!

You are not alone! Your little one being raring to go before the sun is even up is very common. You’ve probably tried putting them to bed later to see if they will wake later… but it’s not helping is it? That’s because, even though it sounds totally backwards, they’re awake because they’re tired. Overtired in fact. A sleep debt has somehow developed and this is increasing their levels of the wakeful hormone cortisol. Some top up naps or early nights can help reduce the cortisol and thus encourage longer sleep in the mornings. This can take some time and also requires consistency, but with some direction and support, you could be gaining a few hours of Zzz’s every morning.

My baby just won’t nap even though they’re tired! They're miserable all day and I don't get a break!

Figuring out how many naps and how much daytime sleep your little one needs can be tricky. It can then become stressful when they won’t nap and you worry they’re not getting the rest they need. Some tailored tips on recognising and responding to their sleepy cues can help. Especially as some babies, particularly super alert ones, can be really skilled in hiding their sleepy cues. They’re not doing it on purpose, they’re just so stimulated and excited by their surroundings that they have a hard time switching off. This can make it harder to wind down enough to nap so putting some steps in for quiet play and clearly signalling for sleep can really help.

Make dreams come true

I provide reliable information, reassurance and easy to follow advice to empower you to make the right decisions for your family

When your little one is struggling with their sleep it can be lonely and confusing as you are overloaded with generic advice that is just not working for your family.  I have been there and I know how frustrating and exhausting it can be.  It can be hard to function properly let alone be the parent you want to be!

I work to empower parents with the knowledge and confidence to navigate their child's sleep situation in the short and long term.  I provide the sleep guidance and resources needed to understand the root cause of your unique situation and develop a plan that works for you and your child.

As a certified infant sleep consultant, I aim to create a life balance that prioritizes everyone’s wellbeing and strengthens the bonds within your family.

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Thank you SO MUCH for all your help. I feel like there aren't enough words. You have helped our family so much and changed things for us for the better.

Clare, mum to Seth 2 years


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Miriam Gray

Infant Sleep Consultant

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