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I struggled through intense sleep deprivation with my daughter that took over my life and I know first hand how debilitating it is.  For months I struggled; crying, obsessing, screaming, and questioning my ability to raise my daughter as well as the strength of my marriage.  I began questioning my sanity which lead me to the perinatal mental health team who helped me through post natal depression.  

Once I got specific sleep advice from a professional who took the time to get to know me and my child, everything changed!  I now love getting my little one up in the morning because I haven't seen her since her bedtime and I actually miss her!  She wakes up and giggles and I have the energy to really play with her whilst still juggling working part time, running a business and endless laundry.  I now sleep better than before I became a mother and I've got my life back!

​Now I value good sleep as a necessity for my family's wellbeing, and it has transformed our lives!

After ten years working in a hospital as a pharmacy technician, I decided to retrain as an infant sleep consultant to spare other families the struggles I faced.  It is a pity we are not taught about the science of infant sleep in preparation for starting a family because it can make or break you.  My aim is to empower you with the knowledge and skills necessary for helping your child learn how to be a champion sleeper, and allow the whole family to get the rest needed to live the life you dream of.

I work closely with you to understand your unique family and situation, provide comprehensive bespoke sleep plans to reach your sleep goals,  and offer one to one support to help boost your confidence as you navigate your family’s sleep and wellness challenges.

I love building people up and being a force of encouragement, particularly when things are tough! 

Let's work together and get your family sleeping sweetly, book a free evaluation call today!

My Facebook page and personal account can give you more insight into who I am and what I stand for. 

Hope to chat soon!

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