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How I help: Resources
Sleeping Baby

Benefits of better sleep

Parenting can already be exhausting, but with better sleep you will have more cognitive, emotional and physical resources to rise to live your life and love your family the the best way you can!

> Big and strong!  Young children need to transition between sleep cycles in order for important growth hormones to be secreted 

> Good behaviour!  Studies have shown that children who regularly get less than the recommended sleep are more likely to struggle with impulsivity and hyperactivity

> Health and Safety!  Concentration and logical reasoning are hampered by sleep deprivation and studies show this can lead to accidents as well as increasing your risk of heart disease

> Brain power!  Important brain functions only take place during sleep including memory consolidation and a detox of built up unwanted chemicals

> Physical!  Rest can improve your immune system with dedicated time for cell replenishment as well as giving your muscles time to repair 

> Emotional!  The brain activity involved in dreaming enables us to better process and regulate our emotions.  Sleep can also be a huge contributing factor in our mental health, so more sleep can make you happier!

Gay Couple with Child

What you get

How amazing would it be to guarantee a good night's sleep for the whole family?  If you have had enough of struggling through the haze of sleep deprivation or the exhausting stress of a child that won't sleep, let's work it out together.   

I can provide...

> No more bedtime battles

> Freedom from unnecessary night waking

> An end to early rising

> Freedom from sleep crutches (including dummies, feeding, rocking)

> Longer naps

> Advice on moving away from co-sleeping

> Support with transitioning from cot to bed or moving rooms

> Information and guidance through sleep regressions

> Confidence to navigate your child's sleep as they grow

> Better nights sleep for the whole family

Happy Mother with her Child

What I do

I am passionate about wellbeing, so my sleep plans are not only about getting your little one to sleep better, but also about supporting you through it!

My experience with post natal depression has embedded an interest in compassion focussed therapy and I bring this to my interactions with you.  With zero blame or judgement, I want to help take off some of the pressure of figuring this all out!

To do this I...

> Take time to get to know you and your unique family

> Tailor advice for your child considering their temperament and age

> Provide sleep plans that are realistic and achievable for you

> Offer gentle and highly responsive techniques to teach your child

> Base my practice and advice on reliable information of sleep science and child psychology

> Act as a force of encouragement and understanding to empower and support you  

> Offer flexible follow up support suited to your time and needs

> Have resources covering a wide range of topics for you to keep

Baby's Grasp

What to expect

Successful sleep training works best when it is built upon a foundation of understanding and trust.  You have to feel capable and confident in the steps to take in order for you to see them through.  This is why you are involved in the discussion about how best to help.  The consultation is the perfect opportunity to discuss the techniques in depth and address any concerns or questions you may have. 

Your child needs a chance to learn the skill of falling asleep independently and that means giving them the time and space to do so.  They will no doubt protest and express their frustration the best way they know how... crying.  And it's so hard to hear your child cry but the techniques I use are highly responsive and very gentle. Often the thought of making changes is worse than the changes themselves and addressing our own hesitations is an important part of the process.  But you're in charge when it comes to seeing them through the training.  They need you to help them learn.  As with almost everything they do for the first time!

Mother and a Child

Are you ready?

Are you ready to see your child thriving with energy?

Are you ready to get a good night's sleep?

Are you ready to truly enjoy and cherish these precious years with your family?

Book a call or get in touch today, we can talk through any concerns or questions you may have and find a package that suits you.  I can't wait to meet you 

Miriam x

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